Plan to host a HOSPITALITY SUITE at our upcoming D5510 Conference of Clubs, the evening of Friday, June 23rd!
This is the ultimate Rotary fellowship/friendship opportunity!  Clubs take responsibility for hosting a room, usually including decorations, costumes, music, food, and drinks, based on a theme.  These Hospitality Suites are located near each other so that conference attendees stroll around amongst them.  What a FANTASTIC way to connect with old friends and make new ones!
Sticking to our conference theme of time (“Honoring the Past, Celebrating the Present, & Launching the Future”), the theme for the Hospitality Suites is: ‘Your Favorite Era’, e.g., Civil War, Victorian, Old West, Gangsters, Roaring ‘20s, Swinging '40s, ‘50s Rock-and-Roll, Motown, Groovy Times, Disco, Yuppies, Grunge, etc. – or make up your own.

Keep in mind that the hotel rooms can also serve as lodging for up to four attendees, as a way of trimming costs.  And feel free to partner with other clubs to host a suite.  Please contact Conference Chair Kara Schroeder to make arrangements at or (928) 600-9574. 
If you have not yet done so, please register for the conference – at Little America Hotel in Flagstaff, June 23-24 -- at

Prepare to have the TIME of your life!