Welcome to this month’s RI theme: Water and Sanitation.  As you know, The Rotary Foundation (TRF) is putting more and more resources into projects related to clean water all around the world … truly life-sustaining and quality-of-life-enhancing efforts!
All official DG club visits are complete.  If you ever need a morale-booster, visit some Rotary clubs.  You will be so amazed and proud!  Like the Rotary Club of Scottsdale, D5510’s largest club, which does impressive work with local youth.  Indeed, each year they give tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships, they conduct a tremendous Youth Salute program which fosters leadership and presentation skills, and they remain very active in the Rotary Youth Exchange program.  This club is definitely a role model.
And speaking of youth, during my visit to the vibrant ASU Rotaract Club, they had a formal ceremony pinning new members.  So far, this year they hosted the Big West Rotaract Conference for the first time in AZ, raised $500 for backpacks for Turkish elementary students, and have documented over 900 service hours.  Much to be proud of!
First Dude Steve and I are continuing our offer of one day of free labor at clubs’ service projects and fundraisers.  We’ve had fun working with and getting to know many Rotarians serving shoulder-to-shoulder.  If you have not yet requested our participation, please contact me soon. 
As the clock ticks down on this Rotary year, there is still ample time to work on the District Achievement Award and the Kralicek Awards.  Be publicly recognized at the annual Conference of Clubs for the great work your club is already doing.
And about our Conference of Clubs coming up June 23-24 in Flagstaff: Registration is open!  It’s going to be SPECIAL, as we are “Honoring the Past, Celebrating the Present, and Launching the Future” in our transition from District 5510 to 5495 on July 1st.  Sign up today at the D5510 website: www.rotary5510.org.
Keep up the good work, my fellow Rotarians … DG Tonya