OK….PETS was phenomenal — mountains of information and ideas; terrific speakers; great contacts; a deep sense of camaraderie with others who want to make the world a better place and build strong clubs.  Now you have almost everything that you need to succeed.  Almost.

The next step is to help the rest of your Rotary team get the resources, the contacts and the inspiration that will help them do their jobs.  Together you will build a cohesive and creative nucleus for the year ahead.  This is what you heard our PETS speakers refer to as hours of unspectacular preparation leading to spectacular achievement
The brand new Club Leadership Academy is that next step.  Each member of your leadership team will be able to choose from 38 different offerings in a full day of leadership development.  This is the next step to help you lead the most dynamic year in the history of your club. 
Who from your club will find classes and workshops that will help them succeed in their roles?
  • Presidents-Elect and Presidents-Nominee (yes, there is even more to learn and share)
  • Club Secretary,
  • Club Treasurer,
  • Membership Chair,
  • Foundation Chair,
  • Fundraising Chair,
  • Service Chairs,
  • And anyone else interested in expanding their personal leadership skills or knowledge about Rotary
Out of respect for the busy lives of Rotarians, new District 5495 has combined many of the education programs of Rotary into a single day of classes.  CLA sessions include:
  • Grants Management Seminar (to help qualify your club for District and Global Grants)
  • Rotary Leadership Institute (Level 1)
  • Secretary Training
  • Treasurer Training
  • Membership Seminar
  • Foundation Seminar
No more one-size-fits-all!  Each attendee will be able to design their own course of study at levels that respect their experience and prior education. 
Set yourself up for a great year ahead by recruiting and leading your entire leadership team to Club Leadership Academy!   Start recruiting for CLA at your club meeting tomorrow!!!  Forward the attached brochure to all the leaders and potential leaders in your club.
Space is limited.  Early bird discounts available only through March 11
  • April 22, 2017
  • Black Canyon Conference Center, 9440 25th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ
OH, don’t forget that that right after CLA we will be holding an inspiring dinner to Celebrate 30 Years of Women in Rotary.  This will be a day to remember.  See you there!!
Register for CLA and/or the dinner at https://www.123signup.com/register?id=ndpnk.
With warm Rotary regards,
David Simmer
Leadership Development Chair, District 5495
District Governor Nominee Designate D.5495 (2019-20)